Kondryszyn Wedding


July 6, 2018 was a warm, sunny day in Spokane, Washington. Bridget’s sisters helped do her makeup and pin wildflowers in her hair as she prepared to say “I do” to her soon to be husband, Matté.

Bridget and I were childhood friends. I have a lot of memories with her – some of which included jamming to TobyMac, visiting graveyards, creating fairy houses out of sticks and mud, and playing in the creek. Bridget and I weren’t really the type of girls to plan out all the details of our future weddings. However, I do remember one thing that Bridget always mentioned when we did talk about weddings. She said that one day, when it was her turn to walk down the aisle, she was going to go barefoot. Upon arriving in Spokane, I was thrilled to be reunited with my childhood friend to discover that some things don’t change. Barefoot Bridget was still planning on being barefoot for her wedding day.

I love brides who aren’t afraid to be a little different. And I love couples who aren’t afraid to love freely. Matté and Bridget love each other so freely. They aren’t afraid. They don’t hold anything back. If you’ve ever had the privilege of being around these two, then you’ve seen it as well. Their love for each other is so full, it overflows to everyone around them. This love is a love so full and so strong, that it can only come from God.

This perfect wedding day ended with a perfect sunset. Which was only fitting considering that one of Matté and Bridget’s absolute favorite things to do together is watch sunsets. I believe God was smiling down on the beautiful commitment these two were making to each other and to Him that day. And we could see His smile in they sky, painted with colors of orange, red and yellow.


Matté and Bridget

July 6, 2018