Shover Wedding



You know that warm, cozy feeling that a cup of coffee brings?  Even if you aren’t a coffee drinker, you have to admit the smell of coffee is comforting and soothing.  Those are the same feelings that December 22, 2018 brought.  The smell of coffee and donuts filled the halls of Northbend Church as friends and family gathered inside, away from the cold, preparing to celebrate the marriage of Brandon and Emme.  The atmosphere radiated warmth, joy and fellowship.

     It was a cloudy, cold day in Mason, West Virginia.  However, the joy radiating from Brandon and Emme as they prepared for the ceremony brought the sunshine that the sky was lacking.  Emme fixed her hair and put on her white gown (which she found at an antique store!).  The bride and her girls shared a sweet time of prayer together, while the groom’s guys made sure his beard was perfectly fluffed.
     The entire ceremony was full of emotion, and the presence of God was evident.  Brandon’s reaction to his bride was beyond precious.  They started the ceremony washing one another’s feet, followed by a time of worship.  This showed their deep love for Christ, and their desire for their marriage to be a reflection of Christ’s love for His people.  They exchanged vows that they wrote themselves, and were pronounced husband and wife!
     The family and friends of the new Mr. and Mrs. Shover, once again gathered, now at the Riverside Golf Club.  Laughter and delicious food were shared as everyone celebrated with the newlyweds.
     As the guests left, the day was finished off with bridal portraits.  This is always a favorite part of every wedding.  The bride and groom get to settle in together and spend time just the two of them (okay, with me as a third wheel!).  This time was full of lots of giggles, as well as soft, sweet moments.  The day was finished just how it started – with a warm cup of coffee.  Brandon and Emme cozied in together at River Roasters in Pomeroy, Ohio.  If you know Brandon and Emme, you know how fitting it was to take some of their photos in a coffee shop!
     The warmth and friendship that these two bring is truly something special.  Brandon and Emme make an incredible pair.  Just like a cold winter day pairs perfectly with a warm cup of coffee.