Turner Proposal

Sunday morning (3/24/19) I texted Nate and Gabby and asked if they wanted to go on a double date Wednesday.  The weather had been nice, we all love to hike and we’d been meaning to plan a double date soon.  Little did Gabby know, this double date had a whole lot of planning and scheming going on behind the scenes.

Wednesday came along, we grabbed food at our trusty local Bob Evans, and headed out to hike at Raven Rock in West Portsmouth, Ohio.  What Gabby didn’t know was that our friends Cody and Shawnacy were hiking up Raven Rock as well with a half hour head start, planting a shiny little surprise for her.

We reached the top out of breath from booking our way up, making sure not to miss the sunset.  After enjoying the view for a short moment, Jacob and I started “reminiscing” about “that time we tried to find that geocache that was supposedly up here.”  We decided to climb around the rocks to look for it real quick, and sure enough, Nate found it! 😉

Nate brought the “geocache” up to the top of the rocks and I pretended like I was going to video them opening it for fun.  We had thrown a bunch of random knick-knacks in with the ring box to make it appear realistic at first glance.  As Gabby was going through all of the little objects, she didn’t notice the ring box Nate was opening.  He knelt down beside her, told her how much he loved her, and asked her to marry him.  Gabby, speechless, nodded her head yes!

It was a perfect sunset moment.  The two lovebirds hugged and kissed and took in the moment together.  The relationship these two have is truly something special.  They are both incredibly sweet, yet incredibly goofy.  They are fun-loving, adventurous and have a heart for the Lord.  There is no doubt these two will be unstoppable together.  Congrats to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Turner!

The Story in Photographs

Some pictures I took before the proposal…

Nate looking for the geocache.

And… The big moment!

Gabby lifted up a rock she found in the geocache and said, “Nate!  Look at this rock!”  Nate smiled as he knelt down beside her and said, “Gabby, no… Look at THIS rock.”

Another moment of shock!

A few of the “geocache” and the gorgeous ring!

After 45 minutes of hiding, Shawnacy and Cody came up to celebrate with everyone!

Can’t forget to mention that Gabby was wearing a shirt that said “spooky babe” on it in the middle of March, LOL.

A few more of the bride and groom to be…

Nathaniel & Gabby

March 27, 2019